Introducing ExecQDocs

ExecQDocsLogoExecQDocs, the Document Management Software product developed by Qualitas Technologies, is made up of modular software engines that allow total electronic control of all information generation and dissemination within the organisation. It is a highly scalable system, with easy to use interfaces, based on the user-friendly Windows-type icon structures. Being object-orientated, no integration is required for the product to be called from any SQL or ODBC based environment, thereby enabling you to combine multiple database information, whether it be in scanned or existing electronic format e.g e-mails, faxes, Word, Excel, etc.

The suite of software offers full scanning, indexing, retrieval, printing, faxing, e-mailing and workflow capabilities, together with full content-searching and cold-scanning facilities with a complete audit trail throughout. Features include user definable index structures through limitless keyword set-ups. A comprehensive security system offers password protection, assuring absolute confidentiality.

Barcode creation and reading for automatic indexing, as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for keyword searching, are included as optional requirements in the ExecQDocs software package.

The suite also allows for the archiving of mixed file formats and index structures, within one database, which then gives the flexibility to store and retrieve various formats from one central repository, such as ASCII, COM files, images etc.

ExecQDocs is aimed at the SME market, and also for branches or departments within companies.

What is important is that the software is:

  • reasonably priced
  • reliable
  • makes the imaging solution to document management a proposition for all companies that file paper.

If you would like to learn more and see a short demonstration of the product, please view our presentation.