About Qualitas

QualitasTechnologiesLogoQualitas Technologies has provided business solutions through information technology for over 16 years. The merger (or convergence) of technologies in areas such as application (product) development, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and the internet, have resulted in Qualitas Technologies successfully combining what were three focused business areas into one integrated and interactive solution.

The Company essentially provides Management, Development, and Support across a broad spectrum of the business educational and industrial environments, regardless of size. The development team provides resalable user-friendly solutions, as well as custom developed projects, which are easily integrated into multiple databases.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to focus on bringing practical world-class solutions to customers whose financially orientated systems are failing to assist with managing their business in the most effective way.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue to develop a culture of reliability, trust, and vision within our marketplace, delivering market-driven solutions in the form of products and services through the use of leading edge methodologies, technologies, and skills. This is achieved in an environment of growth for the staff, the customers and ultimately the growth of the company.

Our Differential

We pride ourselves in successful dealings with clients being achieved with mutual respect, this being gained once both parties perceive that they have gained their promised rewards. To this end we provide professional solutions for all possible business, leading to commitment and performance in the delivery mechanisms.

Also, we believe that relationships are grown through partnerships. The client views us as a partner in his business process, providing professional advice, skills and ultimately the solution to their requirements.

We also provide diverse high-level skills, from business consulting through to development, incorporating some of the latest technologies available, combined with an innate sense of understanding of a total business solution.